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My name is Dr. Brett Goldstein. I am a chiropractor from Boca Raton, Fl.  I have worked with athlete services and  Rock Tape at the last three southeast regional events including Wodapalooza and other smaller events. Since so many of the athletes that compete are from different areas, one question that I keep getting asked from the athletes is where they can get some of the similar work done as what we do for them. Many of the athletes travel and would like to find a therapist or Chiropractor that they can trust that have worked on crossfitters before.  For example,  I was working on an athlete from Miami at one of the events, he asked if I knew anyone that did the similar treatments that I was doing. I did not have an answer for him until now.  Thecrossfitchiropractors website is a community for all of the chiropractors and therapist that work on the athletes to share their knowledge and for the athletes to find someone in their area that understands an athletes body and that they can trust. Please let me know if you have any questions, ideas or improvements for the site.

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