Class IV laser and Crossfitters – Dr. Joe Cooperman D.C.

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy   What is it:  There is a lot that goes into this safe, high tech and effective modality. If you’re like me, you can spend months researching scientific theories on therapy laser wavelengths, pulse frequencies, energy density dosages, etc. but at the end of the day, theory is less important than results. I will give you the basics; therapeutic laser is a clinically proven modality that shines a…

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CrossFit and Shoulder Pain – Dr. Paul Endriss D.C.

CrossFit and Shoulder Pain All sports have common injuries associated with them.  Football: knee injuries.  Track: lower leg overuse injuries; such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and shin splints to name a couple. Basketball: knee and ankle sprains.  Baseball and softball: shoulder injuries.   And just like every sport I listed above Crossfit is no exception.  One of the more common injuries in the sport of Crossfit is shoulder impingement syndromes…


CrossFit and Chiropractic – Nick Neratka DC, ART

CrossFit and Chiropractic   Crossfit and Chiropractic By Nick Neratka DC, ART I want to start off this article by saying that I am a new crossfitter, and have really been enjoying it, not just for the workouts, but for the people as well. Crossfit was something that I said I would never do because – I had, originally, seen a large amount of bad in it. During the early…


Diversify Your Workout Portfolio – Dr. Todd Rodman, DC, CCSP, CSCS and Dr. Chris Knapp D.C.

 Diversify Your Workout Portfolio Diversify Your Workout Portfolio   When talking about investing terms, diversifying your portfolio means to spread your investment money among several different types of investments (stocks, bonds, cash, etc.) in the interest of moderating risk that one investment type will perform poorly. It is meant to help protect your investment in the instance something unexpected comes up.   In exercise terms, diversifying your workout portfolio means…



THE ATHLETIC ADVANTAGE Summer has ended and the school year is about to commence. With fall sports in full swing, we have to remind our young athletes about the importance of being healthy on and off the field. Wellness is an integral part of an athlete’s career and should be discussed on a daily basis. These young men and women are inundated with their school schedule, early morning practice, and…


Functional Fitness And Sport-Specific Exercises – Dr. Brandon L. Hardin D.C.

                                             FUNCTIONAL FITNESS AND SPORT-SPECIFIC EXERCISES As a team Chiropractor, it is vitally important to understand the biomechanics behind specific movements and stresses placed on our athletes during those exercises. Our favorite spring sports are here and it’s time to talk about functional fitness and how we train based…


Muscle Tightness and Cramps, Why? Dr. Brett A. Goldstein D.C.

Muscle Tightness and Cramps, Why?   Almost everyone has experienced tight muscles at one time or another. They can be painful, lead to injury,  limit movement and decrease performance.  Preventing and managing tight muscles is the key to avoiding injuries.   There are a few common reasons and times that muscles can tighten up.  The most frequent times when muscle tightness can occur are during periods of prolonged inactivity, during exercise,…

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The Lost Aspect of Exercise Programs: “Recovery” – Dr. Todd Rodman, DC, CCSP, CSCS

The Lost Aspect of Exercise Programs: “Recovery” The Lost Aspect of Exercise Programs: “Recovery” One of the most important, yet often overlooked aspects of exercise is proper recovery from training. How many times have you heard, “Why do I need therapy, I’m not hurt”, “I don’t have time to stretch”, “I get my water from soda” or “I only get 5 hours of sleep per night”. These are some of…