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Non-Invasive Treatments for TMJ


Temporomandibular joint disorder, better known as TMJ or TMJD, afflicts a sizable portion of the estimated 15 percent of Americans who suffer from facial pain. Reasons can vary, but often include: jaw grinding at night, constant clenching from stress, previous dental surgery and excessive gum chewing.
Symptoms range from tooth and jaw pain to headaches, neck stiffness, earache and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Since the disorder is associated with an incorrect bite and teeth grinding, many people first turn to a dentist, who will prescribe a corrective mouth guard or even cap all the teeth to try and correct the problem. In extreme cases it is recommended to have the joint cartilage surgically replaced, a difficult procedure that sometimes makes the pain even worse. Fortunately, there are many gentle, non-invasive techniques that work wonders for TMJ. Here are some of the treatments I prescribe for my patients:
Active Release Technique- ART relieves the muscle tension behind so many TMJ symptoms, including bruxism (teeth grinding). By applying a combination of tension and specific muscle movements, ART releases the tissues and breaks up adhesions so they can function normally again.
Chiropractic Adjustment- TMJ often includes a shifting of the jaw when the mouth opens or a popping sound in the TMJ area. The shifting is caused by one or both sides of the TMJ not moving properly. The jaw gets temporarily suck as the mouth is opened, causing a shift to one side. The popping is most often due to rough cartilage on the joint surface or the bones in the joint clunking forward when the jaw is opened fully. Adjusting the TMJ helps to break up the rough cartilage, allows the jaw to track properly during motion, and reduces the inflammation caused by this disorder.
Class IV Laser Therapy– Laser light penetrates the skin to warm and stimulate the tissues underneath. The laser energizes damaged cells, relieves pain, and boosts circulation to speed healing and remove inflammatory substances from the muscle fibers.
So before filing down all your teeth or undergoing irreversible surgery, consider a visit to your local chiropractor for a safe and effective alternative.

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Kinetic Spine and Sports is Dr. Danieley’s idea of what healthcare should be: patient centered, friendly, fun, and effective. Dr. Daniel Danieley was born in Naples Florida, where his father got him involved in sports at a young age. Before high school he learned to box, wrestle and was a standout soccer player. He was encouraged to try all different forms of athletics and although some didn't last (gymnastics, dancing), he gained an appreciation for each. In high school he ran track, wrestled, boxed, and played football, but it wasn't until college that he found his passion in the sport of rugby. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Western Carolina University. While at Western, he helped to start a fraternity and a rugby team, both of which are still currently active on campus. After graduation, he continued to play rugby at the highest level in the U.S. for the next eight years, and continues to play socially today. Having worked in sales and finance, he decided to change occupations and become a doctor of chiropractic with an emphasis on sports injuries and rehabilitation. Attending Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, he graduated Doctor of Chiropractic, obtained an additional Bachelor of Science degree and moved back to the west coast. Working in Los Angeles, he treated high school, amateur and ex-professional athletes, actors, families, musicians, and the elderly. He worked with local high school basketball and soccer clubs to help keep them performing at their best. Los Angeles is where he met his wife, but when the time came to start a family, a move was in order. Returning to NC has been a wonderful thing, as they are now raising their 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. Since moving to Charlotte, he has helped to start and host the Wesley Chapel 5K raising money for the local autism society, sponsors and is on the board of Take On Sports (an athletic league geared towards kids and adults with special needs), coaches various middle and high school rugby clubs, is an active member of Rotary, enjoys staying active and is a motorcycle enthusiast. Dr. Daniel is full body certified in Active Release Technique and is a certified Graston Technique provider. He is on track to further his degree with additional credentials and he continually attends seminars teaching the latest sports injury / treatment and rehabilitation. Dr. Daniel has provided clinical research for BiolaseTechnologies to assist them in developing a medical grade, class IV laser that has recently gone into production. He has been the speaker for numerous running and sports groups on topics including injury prevention, proper running technique, and different forms of training. It was his personal experience with chiropractic that convinced him to enter the profession and help others. "I became a chiropractor because I always valued their ability to 'fix' me after tough competition, which prolonged my career. Whether you have a sports related injury or life has thrown you a curve ball, my goal is to get you back up and running." Dr. Daniel's focus is to correctly diagnose, treat the underlying problem (not just the pain / symptom), and restore the individual to his or her optimal health. He uses the latest in technology as well as a variety of manual and chiropractic techniques to treat problems with joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. He continues to keep up to date with changes in the profession, works with other local health providers, and looks forward to assisting those who wish to stay active.


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