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The hard truth

In my practice I see many patients with common “overuse injuries”. This is blanket term practitioners use today to cover any issue that falls into the poor movement category.
Whether its a crossfit movement or at a desk job these injuries are widely varied but all stem from the same root, poor position.

Tennis elbow or epicondylitis is very commonly seen in individuals with poor shoulder external rotation. The shoulder position dictates the elbow position, the elbow functions as a hinge joint but when we have to put weight over head or sit at a desk all day and we can’t activate the shoulder correctly the elbow has to pick up the slack and done over and over or for hours at a time it will eventually respond with aggravation.

Same thing rings true for low back issues, we have a number of small ligaments the essentially attach the pelvis to the spine. If we sit all day, slumped over our desk rotating the pelvis backward and away from the spine or every time we squat, if we lose tension in our midline and “butt wink” the same over use occurs, strain to those ligaments and small musculature causing many low back ailments.

As a practitioner, I am able to treat the issue, but can never fix the issue if the habit or bad function is not addressed.
It’s a hard thing to explain to certain patients, that they have to put forth an effort to help fix their pains and aches.


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I'm from Zimbabwe where I am recognized as a physio but here I have to have my LMT license to treat people. I am an ART provider and movement specialist


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