Why CrossFitters Should Protect Their Knees- RockTape

January 23, 2017

Athletes in knee sleeves are easy to find in a CrossFit Box or serious lifting gym, and for good reason — they work. They’re a simple, yet effective piece of gear that most athletes can benefit from. Knee sleeves are a compression garment made from cloth or neoprene. They give small performance benefits, as well as help reduce soreness in the knees and prevent injury — partially via subconscious awareness…


Sports Chiropractic Official Music Video

June 20, 2016

Thank you Dr. Todd Rodman and his staff for this amazing Sports Chiropractic Music Video. Dr. Rodman has written some great informative articles on our site. Honored to have him as one of our feature writers on MobilityMoves.com. Check out the full music video at the link.


Non-Invasive Treatments for TMJ – Dr. Dan Danieley D.C.

January 28, 2015

Non-Invasive Treatments for TMJ   Temporomandibular joint disorder, better known as TMJ or TMJD, afflicts a sizable portion of the estimated 15 percent of Americans who suffer from facial pain. Reasons can vary, but often include: jaw grinding at night, constant clenching from stress, previous dental surgery and excessive gum chewing. Symptoms range from tooth and jaw pain to headaches, neck stiffness, earache and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Since…