The Cumulative Injury Cycle: – Dr. Jason Durnas D.C.

September 15, 2015

The Cumulative Injury Cycle¬† : Or why rest and repeat is a dumb idea: The Cumulative Injury Cycle: or why rest and repeat is a dumb idea. So I was at a dinner function recently when my friend asked me for some advice on his ailing forearm. He says that he was diagnosed with radial tunnel syndrome, and that he was having sharp pain while gripping and doing any type…


Treadmill Injuries – Dr. Jason Durnas D.C.

Its cold outside and those new Nike Frees you got for Christmas are calling you out. Treadmill training is a great way to stay in shape when you can’t hit the road. The problem with the treadmill is that most people are not sure how to use it properly…Today alone about a quarter of my patients presented with injuries from not using a treadmill correctly. The majority of people I…

February 20, 2015