Sports Chiropractic Official Music Video

June 20, 2016

Thank you Dr. Todd Rodman and his staff for this amazing Sports Chiropractic Music Video. Dr. Rodman has written some great informative articles on our site. Honored to have him as one of our feature writers on Check out the full music video at the link.


Dynamic Duo: CrossFit and Kinesiology Tape – Dr. Nessa Parkinen, D.C. – Lake Forest, California

June 6, 2016

Dynamic Duo: CrossFit and Kinesiology Tape     Kinesiology tape has exploded in the CrossFit arena. Is it just for show, or does this tape actually provide a benefit to athletes?   The idea behind kinesiology tape is to improve length-tension relationships of muscles, improve force coupling among muscles, and improve neuromuscular efficiency. All of these benefits are achieved via stimulation on the skin. This differs from traditional athletic tape…


Why Should I Warm Up? – Dr. Nick Neratka D.C.- Irwin, Pennsylvania

June 1, 2016

Question: Why Should I Warm Up?   Answer – For performance enhancement and injury prevention. I’ve been the guy that will walk into a gym throw on some weights and just go to work. I didn’t really ever warm up because in all honesty, I didn’t want to put the effort into. It was just pure laziness really. I saw this happening a lot not only in myself but in my high school and…