Hips (and good mechanics) don’t lie! – Dr. Therese Miller D.C.

August 31, 2015

Hips (and good mechanics) don`t lie! As the largest joint in the human body, the hip withstands tremendous forces every day. It is also responsible for altering its position with compensations throughout life. Changes in hip mechanics contribute or often cause low back, knee and even foot pain yet often are overlooked.  Take a brief look at one of the most common changes in hip mechanics and how important this…


Fighting the Battle of Creep – Dr. Matthew DiLallo D.C.

August 11, 2015

  Fighting the Battle of Creep. What is Creep? Creep is defined as the progressive deformation of a structure under constant load (1). This concept applies to both the structures that support our house, but also the structures that support our human body.  Due to the viscoelastic properties of the tissues in our body, it will help to think of creep in terms of a rubber band.  If you repeatedly…