He Had Cupping Done, What is the Science Behind It? – Dr. Therese Miller D.C.

Effective and Quick Pain Control through Cupping- a look at the science behind it! By: Dr. Therese Miller, DC   With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a form of therapy known as “cupping” gained attention in 2016 Olympic headlines. When dark circles appeared on the Olympian Michael Phelps after a cupping treatment, everyone started asking: What are those things? Does it work? What does the evidence say? I’d like…


Stiff Back? Check Your Hips – Bryce Christianson D.C.

Stiff back – check your hips Stiff back – check your hips There are many factors to stiff and painful backs. And while we routinely check spines for problems we never see a back complaint without thorough evaluation of the patient’s hips. Tightness in the hips will likely lead to problems in the hip’s next door neighbors – the lower back and the knee. Checking the hips During your first…


Stretching -A Performance Indicator -Dr. Brandon Hardin

• Stretching: A Performance Indicator •   • Stretching has always been a hot topic for athletes. It is more so now that we are seeing injury patterns due to certain types of stretching. I treated a football player with a high hamstring tear this past week. I asked him what his stretching technique pre and post game was and he couldn’t develop an answer. •   • This poses…


Why CrossFitters Should Protect Their Knees- RockTape

Athletes in knee sleeves are easy to find in a CrossFit Box or serious lifting gym, and for good reason — they work. They’re a simple, yet effective piece of gear that most athletes can benefit from. Knee sleeves are a compression garment made from cloth or neoprene. They give small performance benefits, as well as help reduce soreness in the knees and prevent injury — partially via subconscious awareness…


Is CrossFit Safe? – Dr. Todd Rodman, DC, CCSP, CSCS Boca Raton , Florida

Brett Goldstein, D.C., Todd Rodman, C.C.S.P., D.C., and Christopher Knapp, D.C., at the CrossFit Games Is CrossFit Safe-  Why CrossFit injuries occur & how to reduce your risk of injury   I am writing this blog because I often get asked this question from many different types of people. It usually comes from either a patient, a CrossFit athlete, or an individual interested in knowing about CrossFit. There are many…


Dynamic Duo: CrossFit and Kinesiology Tape – Dr. Nessa Parkinen, D.C. – Lake Forest, California

Dynamic Duo: CrossFit and Kinesiology Tape     Kinesiology tape has exploded in the CrossFit arena. Is it just for show, or does this tape actually provide a benefit to athletes?   The idea behind kinesiology tape is to improve length-tension relationships of muscles, improve force coupling among muscles, and improve neuromuscular efficiency. All of these benefits are achieved via stimulation on the skin. This differs from traditional athletic tape…


Why Should I Warm Up? – Dr. Nick Neratka D.C.- Irwin, Pennsylvania

Question: Why Should I Warm Up?   Answer – For performance enhancement and injury prevention. I’ve been the guy that will walk into a gym throw on some weights and just go to work. I didn’t really ever warm up because in all honesty, I didn’t want to put the effort into. It was just pure laziness really. I saw this happening a lot not only in myself but in my high school and…


CrossFit: One Major Misconception – Dr. Chandler Turnispeed D.C. – Johns Creek, Georgia

Recently, I had a conversation at a 5k/10k race we were sponsoring with a passerby who commented on our sign. The sign stated a few of the conditions we treat and treatments we offer and one of the items was “CrossFit Care.” Their comment was something along the lines of how dangerous CrossFit is that it needs its own care and treatment style. He stuck around as I explained what…


The Magic Number for Squatting Well & Without Pain – Dr. Chris Stepien D.C.

The Magic Number for Squatting Well and Without Pain You were born squatting like a champ.  Soon after you learned how to walk, you were naturally picking up lint, furballs, and other curious paraphernalia as you explored the world around you. Then, you began sitting in the first grade for hours at a time, quickly adapting to an artificatial environment that didn’t require healthy movement.  Why would it?  With a…